Saturday, June 30, 2007

How to Do Web Service Debug in Remote Computer (Visual Studio 2003) ?

This works on MS Visual Studio 2003, and assuming that the remote server is running the IIS 6.0.

First, find W3WP.EXE process that is associated with that Web Service, if there are many W3WP.EXE in the process list, you can find it using the IISAPP command line. If you don't know how to to it, you can find it in another article in my blog :)

Please note that the "SPS" in this screen refers to the Remote Computer name. You have to be member of Debugger Users in that remote computer, if successful, the process on the Remote Computer will be displayed as shown :

What if instead an error message is show up ? Well, no problem, that is already solved in yet another article in this blog :)

Next, set the Project that contanis the Web Service as default, then using the Break to the Web Service Method that will be debug. You have to type the method completely (i.e. start from outermost parent, such as Aaaa.Bbbb.MethodName and case sensitively. Sorry, I can't show you exact function name in this screen because of the proprietary nature of this application. You can inquire more about this using comment that is is provided in this blog.

Run application (using your favorite web browser) that use that Web Service Method, and you're done :)


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